Junior & Adult Programs

Junior Programs 

Junior Players

Mini Red – Aged 4-6 years

This is the first stage of the internationally acclaimed LTA mini tennis program and is very important for building the core skills and confidence of the young mini tennis player.

Junior Players

Mini Orange – Aged 7-9 years

This introduces children to playing tennis on a 3/4 length court with a special low bounce bright orange mini tennis ball.

Mini Green – Aged 9 years and up

This is the final stage of the fantastic mini tennis program. It is played on a full court with softer green training balls that are just slightly lighter and slower than a normal pressurized ball.

Beginner – Aged 11 years and up

This program is designed for children who would like to learn tennis.

Intermediate – Ages 10-14 and/or based on skill level

This program is designed for those who have advanced through the Mini Tennis program or have acquired the necessary skills to progress to this level.


The Advanced/Intensive Training Program is designed for players who have an excellent talent for the game. This program is for those who wish to advance to the elite level.

Junior Elite/High Performance – Ages 12-18

The Jr Elite/High Performance Program is designed for players who compete in SITA or ITF tournaments and play for their school teams.

Elite Players

Adult Programs 

Beginner Clinics

Is for those who have very limited or no tennis experience. Players will be taught the basic fundamentals of the game concentrating on stroke production.

Intermediate Clinics

This clinic is for those who have an understanding of the game and can play social tennis. Emphasis is placed on stroke development, shot placement, point play strategies and doubles play tactics.

WITS ladies team training

WITS Ladies Training

These sessions are open to players of all abilities and are a fast paced, high intensity work-out. Students will be taken through a number of different and enjoyable drills and finish off with some doubles point play. An excellent sweat is guaranteed!

These sessions are open to players of all abilities and are a fast paced, high intensity work-out and singles and doubles match play to end off the session. An excellent sweat is guaranteed!

Mens Drills

Men's Drills

Private & Group Lessons

Private Lesson
Group Lessons

WITS Team Training

No. of Coaches Hours Courts Rate
2 2 2 $550.00
1 2 1 $300.00
2 1.5 2 $412.50
1 1.5 1 $225.00


Group Coaching Clinics

Class Hour Rate Remark
Ladies Training 1.5hr $50.00 Min. 3 players
Men’s Drill 1.5hr $55.00 Min. 3 players


Beginner & Intermediate

1.5hrs – $50 per session ($200 per month for 4 sessions)

Group Lesson Rates

Hour/Description Once a week Twice a week Three times a week
1 hr class $35.00 $33.00 $31.00
1.5 hr class $50.00 $48.00 $46.00
2 hr class $65.00 $63.00 $61.00
2.5 hr class $80.00 $78.00 $76.00
One-time Registration Fee $25.00 $25.00 $25.00
Withdrawal-Deposit Fee $60.00 $60.00 $60.00

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